Loring Cruz Inc.
Thomas Woolsey was contracted for our Architectural projects and Real Estate Developments. During the course of the Projects, the work he provided was in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Everyone here benefited form his experience and background in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.
Loring Cruz

Capone Residence
I want to take the opportunity to that you very much for the fine work that you did for my wife and I enabling us to take the vision that we had for our home and transforming it into reality. You work always draws the wonderful compliments that it deserves and several friends that are Realtors have voiced their opinion that our home should be published.
We had so much confidence in your work that we did not use a contractor to obtain out permits and instead went our self’s. When we went to obtain our permits we were approved within 15 minutes and the Inspector commented on the clarity of your plans and engineering.
We are very grateful that you expedited the work and that nit was approved right away. Our gratefulness is also extended to you commitment to oversee our project during construction to quality assurance.
Mr. Capone

Colbert Residence
I want to thank you for the plans that you so expertly drew for my home remodel. I was not sure that my dreams would be realized, but you took my ideas and made them into reality. I am thankful for the extra time that you took on my behalf to create my ideas and devote your attention of the details that were required to complete my project
I again thank you

Klabin Residence
H. E. Woolsey Corp. worked on my project in Beverly Hills at my home. Mr. Woolsey was the only architect that could realize my ideas and desires and bring them into reality. He was attentive to details, knowledgeable, very reliable and professional. I would totally recommend him for any Project
G. Kalbin

Steven Klein Sound Control Room
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Woolsey over many years. He has provided Architecture, Engineering and Consulting services for our Company on many Projects. His involvement with Sound Studios, Sound Attenuation, and professional practice brought top out Projects a great level of integrity and talent.
We will look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come. I would recommend Thomas for any Project.
S. Klein

Anvick Engineering
Thomas Woolsey has worked with me on Projects combining architectural and engineering disciplines and he has shown a good command of both areas.
Thomas has a natural ability to work well with other architects, engineers, and consultants. He has a good grasp on structural engineering coupled with mathematics and architecture which, I believe gives him a comprehensive advantage in design
I always look forward to colaberating with him on projects when needed
T Anvick
Structural Engineer

Builder Direct
Thomas Woolsey was an Architectural Consultant for us on many successful Projects. We appreciate his comprehensive application of his skills and knowledge. He has a great work ethic and his attention to detail made our projects successful in design and construction.
I always look forward to collaborating with him on projects when needed

D. Grossman
Amit Apel
I have had the honor to work with Mr. Woolsey on many Projects. He has a great sense of integrity and is clearly focused on production and outcome. Many Projects that were in my office needed special attention and Thomas was able to apply his skills to produce excellent results.
Amit Apel