About H. E. Woolsey Corporation

H. E. Woolsey Corporation had its modest beginning in the year 1956 as Post Construction Co. Its original location in Culver City, where now sits the Westfield Mall, is where once stood the original office in a district that was once an aircraft industrial area.
Harvey E. Woolsey, who came to Los Angeles in 1941 from the east, had a vision for Architecture, Building Design, and Construction. During the next 40 Years he became very successful in building and designing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout Los Angeles,.
Post Construction Company became H. E. Woolsey Corporation and was named after its founder Harvey E. Woolsey a successful Architect, Contractor, Engineer, and Real Estate Broker. During the 40 years of business, many notable Los Angeles projects were either built or remodeled by H. E. Woolsey Corporation. Mount Olympus located north of Sunset in Hollywood; Main Street Medical Building in Venice; and the Waldorf Historian on Venice Beach; Multipurpose Recreational Faculty City of El Monte; Century Veterinary Group Los Angeles; Frito Lay Factory Los Angeles, and the Capone Residence Los Angeles; are to name a few.
In 1971, The City of Culver City purchased the property where Post Construction once stood and H. E. Woolsey Corp. was borne. Its new location on Venice Blvd, allowed its proximity to better serve Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Culver City, and Santa Monica.
Harvey Woolsey had great talents as builder, Architect, and Engineer and made great achievements in many areas of our built environment. He was also an avid musician who made great contributions to the implementation of the Double Bass. Senior Woolsey unfortunately passed away in 2007.
Thomas D. Woolsey now heads the operations of H. E. Woolsey Corp. Having grown up with his father’s influences, he has followed a similar path in his academics and professional experience. Thomas is a Registered Architect, General Contractor, and being educated in mathematics, does most of his own Engineering. He has received a great deal of experience in the building industry and has produced numerous projects in Los Angeles, both residential and commercial with great success. His Projects range from Homes, Retail, Studios, and tenant improvement, to private schools and Gyms.
We at H. E. Woolsey Corporation provide a complete range of services for the built environment along with a full range of services for the maintenance of buildings of any size. A perfect integration of services for Realtors, Property Owners and Managers, Developers, and Private Owners.