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H. E. Woolsey Corp
8632 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Architects / Engineers
Real Estate / Property Maintenence
Commercial & Residential Construction

...from Concept to Construction!

H. E. Woolsey Corporation is a full service business for our clients. We provide all aspects of architectural services beginning with concept, design construction documents, engineering and finishing with construction.

We have been in business for over 40 years in the Los Angeles area and service all areas of California.


Property Maintenance

H. E. Woolsey Corporation has been providing Property maintenance for over 40 years as well. We can provide maintenance services for landlords, property Managements Company’s, developers, and home owners. Our services include everything from landscaping; electrical, plumbing; rental turn over, to roof repair

Our Vision

Our Vision at H. E. Woolsey Corporation is to provide sustainability to all our Projects. Client satisfaction is the center piece of our business. We have completed Projects in Santa Monica, Culver City, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Redondo Beach, Hollywood, and other neighboring communities.  Internationally we have done projects in Brasil, where sustainability is a greater issue then in the United States, giving us more global understanding concerning the need for Green Design in Architecture.

Synergizing environment, client needs, projects constraints, and municipality requirements have become fundamental to the development of a successful Project. The incorporation of new material products which minimize environmental impact reduces the carbon footprint of architecture, which is our focus for any Project, anywhere.

Thomas Woolsey